Self Watering - Large Concrete Pot

Self Watering - Large Concrete Pot

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One of our most popular style pots now available for 6" nursery plants

Self watering planters make growing any potted plant easier. 

A “self watering” container doesn't actually water itself. It is a watering system using planters that contain a reservoir of water at the bottom. Just fill the bottom of the pot to the top of the dial at the bottom, insert your plant still in the standard 4" nursery container  and you're done. Check the reservoir once every couple weeks and that's it!!

  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made of concrete and weather-resistant fiberglass that have all the advantages of these materials, such as strength, durability, weather and damage resistance.
  • INTEGRAL COLOR: These pots are not painted, the color is mixed in with the concrete. It will not scratch off like a glaze or paint would.
  • HANDMADE: This is a handmade product, designed and poured in Southern California.
  • MODERN WITH SOFT CURVES: Perfect gift for family and friends who love succulents or keep it in your own home for a touch of clean, modern style in your living space.

Since this item is handmade please note there might be slight variations in color. 

Additionally, small air bubbles are a natural occurrence in handmade concrete products.


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