About Us

How it all started

xeriscaping - drought tolerant landscaping

My husband and I were trying to decide what to do with our front yard landscaping. Originally we were thinking grass, then Brian suggested we do something different. Grass waisted so much water and Southern California is always in a persistent drought. So we decided to go with something more drought tolerant, succulents!

That’s when I discovered my love for succulents and how amazing these plants really are. However, I did not want to be limited by what the local nurseries had to offer, so I decided to start growing and importing them myself.

As I began to sell the plants, I again ran into limitations on the types and styles of pots and planters available. So I thought, why not make them myself? I knew I could create my own high quality and unique products. Brian and I take great pride in growing and producing all of our products from start to finish, offering something special for everyone to enjoy.

We Grow It, We Make it, We Sell it!

Melody & Brian