Our Process

At Knoll Glen we hand make all of our products which include custom mixed concrete pots and planters, high quality wooden outdoor planters, and for a combination of both with our wooden hexagons designed to hang on the wall and securely hold and display our concrete pots.  

Our latests pot designs start as a prototype in any number of mediums. Once we have a design we like, we create a silicone mold. The concrete is then poured into our handmade silicone molds.  Through trial and error we have refined our own concrete “recipe” for a smooth finish with minimal bubbles, we mix a variety of colors with the concrete to create a unique palate of colors and color combinations.   Once the concrete has been poured and cured we start the three “S” process (1) soak, (2) sand, and (3) seal.  The pots are removed from the molds and soaked in water for approximately 24 hours to help reduce the acidity of the concrete. Next the pots are sanded to smooth out any sharp corners or roughness, and then sealed to waterproof the pots for safe indoor use.

The wooden planters are constructed of redwood and cedar.  The planters have redwood banding along the top and bottom with cedar side and base boards.  They are constructed from the raw materials and are completely handmade with clean angled joints and an inset base.  The bands are routed to notch out a corner groove and attached (glued and nailed) to the cedar boards.  Once constructed these boards are cut at 45 degree angles and assembled using the same construction methods.  Due to the corner notching on the base band it allows the cedar baseboards to be inset for a strong and secure fit.