Knoll Glen was born out of our love for succulents.

Living in Southern California, we decided to do something more native for our landscaping. That’s when we discovered our love for succulents. As our passion grew, we ran into limitations on the styles of pots available. We set out to create unique simple classic pots fueled by our passion for plants.

All the pots are by hand, in small batches, locally in Southern California.

  • " I am SO thrilled with my planters!! I struggled to find a quality planter that fit my railing, but these were PERFECT. Incredibly sturdy and super well made! "

    - Samantha

  • Corporate gifts

    " Awesome product and willing to try something new! Thank you for facilitating our Corporate client gifts for the season! "

    - Najla

  • perfect little hearts

    " It was wonderful to meet an artist so comfortable working with a client. Melody made exactly what we wanted. "

    - Kim