Project Save This Plant

Project Save This Plant

A client had given an arrangement as a gift. The arrangement isn't doing so well, so I am trying to bring it back to life.

This group of succulents had been grown in a greenhouse, so they had to be slowly acclimated to full sun. First oops was that they were given over 8 hours of direct sunlight DURING a heatwave for several days. They might have been okay for that long in the sun, but the temperature being over 90 was too much for them.

Two of the three plants will most definitely be able to survive. I am not sure if the echeveria will survive, but I am still trying. I have put all three plants into a soil-less mixture and under my lights. I am also using a nutrient solution that is designed just for succulents.

I honestly do not know if this will work, but I am going to really try to revive ALL 3 of these plants. Check back in a few weeks to see updates.

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